Cooker extractor ducting


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Cooker Hood Vent Kits

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Universal Cooker Hood 1m Vent Kit

Compatible spare for all cooker hoods with a inch diameter connection More information

Our canopy cooker hoods: Plenty of installation options, unique performance.

Canopy cooker hoods are integrated completely into a kitchen unit or chimney made of wood or metal. They thus offer maximum design freedom in the kitchen.

Cooker Hoods Extractors

Cookerhoods and extractors are a stylish addition to your kitchen whether it is a big, bold chimney hoo or Whether it is a neat, discreet ceiling or downdraft extractor. With combinations of stainless silver and black glass the CDA range is perfectin any home looking to modernise or stay minimalistic.

Air extraction to outside

A Cooker Hood which extracts the air to the outside operates more efficiently than one that recirculates the air as a carbon filter (which removed the odours) is not needed with an extracting Cooker Hoo only a grease filter is necessary. However the heat in the expelled air is lost to the building and needs to be replaced by cold air drawn in in cold weather this will increase heating bills but in hot weather it can provide desired cooling.

Fires from Kitchen Extracts

One of the greatest risks of fire in buildings with public kitchen facilities – restaurants, pubs, cafes and even hotels – comes from fire breaking out in poorly cleaned or maintained extract ventilation systems.