Cooker hood charcoal filter replacement

003117Cleaner Concentrated Degreaser Spray – 500ml


Electrolux Compatible 502487960Cooker Hood Light Covers – Pack of 2


2x Universal 20W GHalogen Capsule Lamps


Universal Cooker Hood Halogen Lamp Glass Lens


Universal Cooker Hood Bulb E25W

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House Mate Stainless Steel Clean Polish Spray

Leaves oven doors, cooker hoods, fridges and hobs gleaming. Simply spray on, then buff off with a soft, dry cloth. An invisible film repels fingermarks and smears. Helps stop dirt and grease building up again

Air extraction to outside

A Cooker Hood which extracts the air to the outside operates more efficiently than one that recirculates the air as a carbon filter (which removed the odours) is not needed with an extracting Cooker Hoo only a grease filter is necessary. However the heat in the expelled air is lost to the building and needs to be replaced by cold air drawn in in cold weather this will increase heating bills but in hot weather it can provide desired cooling.

grow equipment for sale. trident wond. light. ballast. carbon filter

Ely, Cardiff items in pic also ; fan to run carbon filter.only used once. ring for more details. also have the triden wondWond alone is £1and Carbon filter £1plus lights etc so a good deal

UK Manufactured

Filters and ducting kits

Carbon filters have a limited life. We advise you to change them when there is a noticeable drop in performance. The intervals between changing the filter will depend entirely upon the amount of cooking you do, but on average they will last around six months.