Cooker hood grease filter paper


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Cooker Hood Filters

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Universal Cooker Hood Filter Kit

High quality replacement spare for 60cm cooker hood models More information

Large Sink Tidy Black

Holds everything you need for kitchen sink chores. Generous space for bottles, sponges, cloths and brushes. Metal rail allows damp dishcloths to dry. Comes apart for cleaning. Removable drip tray

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How To Clean a Cooker Hood

Cleaning a Cooker Hood

A cooker hood protects your kitchen against all those nasty airborne grease and smoke particles, and keeps your home smelling fresh and damp-free.

Air extraction to outside

A Cooker Hood which extracts the air to the outside operates more efficiently than one that recirculates the air as a carbon filter (which removed the odours) is not needed with an extracting Cooker Hoo only a grease filter is necessary. However the heat in the expelled air is lost to the building and needs to be replaced by cold air drawn in in cold weather this will increase heating bills but in hot weather it can provide desired cooling.