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As well as the lowest prices we also go that extra mile with a huge range of offers available. There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you buy the product you need at the best price and also get great service and offers on top; that’s what you’ll get with Appliances Direct.

The cooking buying guide

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and the centrepiece of most kitchens is a built-in or freestanding cooking appliance. As most of us spend so much time cooking, it’s important to make the right choice of cooking appliance to suit your home and lifestyle.

All the ingredients of a great British cooker

Our range cookers boast a breathtaking number of functions and features, including touch control hot plates, child lock, pan overheating detection, glass lid auto shut-off and cook-to-off programmable timers. All of our range cookers are made in the UK to high quality standards.

Andrew James Black Red Slow Cookers

Make delicious slow cooked meals such as stews, curries, soups and broths with a minimum of fuss using the Andrew James Slow Cooker. Simply place the ingredients in the cooker, select the desired setting and leave it unattended to produce delicious meals while you get on with your daily routine. Cooking with a slow cooker will produce economical and delicious homemade dishes as it tenderises cheaper cuts of meat.

Match this slow cooker to your kitchen with the red or black finish options.

Brand New Eye Level Double Oven Model No HBM13B252B

Braintree, Essex This oven came as a package with our new kitchen but we decided to stick with our original oven. The photo is a screenshot from the brochure as the oven is in the original packaging stored in our garage. Please feel free to email me with any questi