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Having a decent set of knives is a kitchen essential. Whether you’re a budding chef who makes boeuf bourguignon or a reluctant assembler of cheese on toast, you can find a set that fits your needs. Bianca Barratt rounds up the ones that make the cut

Expert Tip Sharpening

Keep your knives sharp with expert tips and advice on knife maintenance, whether you prefer to sharpen with a set of steels, whetstones or a pull through sharpener.

Opinel Wooden Handle Serrated Paring Knife


Opinel Wooden Handle Carpaccio Knife


Opinel Horn Folding Knife


Opinel Butter Knife


Opinel Walnut Folding Knife

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Knives Accessories

At Fiskars we understand how important good knives are for successful cooking. That’s why we have developed a wide range of knives for all chefs and cooking needs. Our knives are made of quality materials, and the selection spans knives for everyday cooking as well as award-winning specialty knives for the most demanding gourmet chefs.

Knife blocks and racks

Keeping sharp objects safe in a busy kitchen is paramount, and so we offer a wide range of knife blocks and knife racks to help keep your professional tools safe and secure, increasing longevity and ensuring that the probably of an accident is greatly reduced.