Cooking on top of a wood burning stove

Did You Know: You Can Use Your Wood Stove For Cooking

We all know how convenient a wood stove is at providing heat or how great a fireplace is to gather your whole family. But did know that they can also be used to cook your lunch? The most common use of the top of the stove is to boil water but there are so many other things you can cook on it.

Let me explain how and why you should use your wood stove for cooking.

Cooking on Your Woodburning Stove

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Cooking on Your Woodburning Stove

Wood burners are fantastic for heating a home and providing a wonderful focal point to the room. But did you know you can also cook on your woodburning stove?

Cooking on your Lopi Wood Stove

One of the great features of a Lopi wood stove is the cook top surface. Not only will your Lopi wood stove heat your home – even during power outages, but it also gives you a wonderful cooking surface to prepare food.

How to Cook On The Best Wood Stoves

One of the most important points to remember when using a wood burning cooker is that it requires a bit more forward planning than a standard oven. You can’t just expect it to be ready for use when you switch it on and you’ll need to get the fire going beforehand to ensure that it’s hot enough.

How to use a Wood Burning Stove in your Tent

Gav GraystonHow to use a Wood Burning Stove in your Tent A wood burning stove can make your tent very warm and cosy. We answer those questions on how to use a wood burning stove in your tent.