Dcbl enforcement

Other charges bailiffs can make

As well as the fixed fees and percentage fees a bailiff can charge, you may also be billed for other expenses involved in the bailiff action. These are sometimes called disbursements. The costs charged must have been reasonably incurred and are limited to the following:

Warehouse Administrator

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Assist Resourcing Ltd

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Who are High Court Enforcement Officers ?

High Court Enforcement Officers, previously known as Sheriffs, are authorised by The Lord Chancellor to administrate High Court writs and judgments. There are many High Court Enforcement companies, and these companies are responsible for executing High Court Writs allocated to them.

We can help with bailiffs

A letter or visit from a bailiff is sign that you need free and impartial debt help. We can give expert budgeting advice to help deal with the bailiff debt and manage your situation.

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