Decking oil uk

Decking Oils and Cleaners

Decking oils feed the timber, seal and enhance the natural beauty of your decking while providing a tread fast surface. They are usually applied to horizontal surfaces, but can also be used for any type of exterior wood work. There are few good decking oils around today,there are also lots of rubbish cheap decking oils which will peel and flake and require re-applying every six months or so.

Sansin Enviro Stains – Naturally Perfect Wood Protection

For over years Sansin have pioneered the use of environmentally friendly water-borne wood protection technologies that deliver outstanding performance. With a wide range of wood preparation and protection products, Sansin offer solutions for external and internal applications, designed to enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

The Best Way to Look After Decking

Care for your decking should start at the time of original fitting. Most decking boards have already been pressure treated with a wood preservative. This will help protect the timber from rot and woodworm.

Ultimate Decking Oil Natural Pine 5Lt

Give your decking a natural look and keep it protected from the weather. This is rainproof in minutes, and lasts twice as long as standard Decking Oils. Compare

Osmo meets the demands for Wooden Decking

Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, offers a range of decking oils to protect and maintain the beauty and quality of exterior decking. The product range provides resistance against water and dirt, while also offering an appealing satin oil-based protective finish.