Decorative lamp shades

We stock thousands of lights from Europe’s top suppliers!

Laura Pagan, arguably the country’s most experienced lighting buyer spends an enormous amount of time each week dealing with suppliers to ensure we are in a position to deliver the right choices of lighting for you in terms of style, colour range and price.

Lampshades Decorative Lights

Lovely pleated Wild Wood lampshades give a very contemporary touch to any room. Also decorative lighting to brighten up bedrooms and other rooms, Chili Peppers, Pink Flamingoes and floral lights are included in this section.

How Home Lamp Shades Affect the Light

Light emits from different shaped shades in different ways, which affects how far the light is useful and for what purposes. Light emitting from the top of the shade produces a reflected ambient light bouncing off the ceiling, while light emitting below produces a more focused light surrounding furniture. Additional light shines through the sides of the shade itself, whereby a white or light-colored shade allows the most light to pass through.

Darker-colored shades and hardback shades tend to block more of the light.

A light shade like a feather

For several years now, the Artnuptia workshop has been oriented towards decoration thanks to a collaboration with an interior designer: GĂ©rard Faivre. The company has developed feather shades for him, perfectly integrated in the decoration of the high-end apartments he designs.

Beautiful Large Vintage Stone Flaggon in great condition

Stirling Vintage Portobello TREACLE Top Stonewear Flagon looks beautiful inside the home for dry flower arrangement or in the garden. Would be great in a window display in a shop.Beautiful vintage conversation piece with A W Buchan and Co Portobello Scotl