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Do dehumidifiers raise the heat in my house?

Yes, but this can be either good or bad. The warmer the room, the easier and more efficiently you can remove moisture so the machine will have to work less. Depending on the size of the room, you could raise the temperature by 5-degrees.

Emergency call 24hr service

0333861uk_sales@polygongroup.comWe are ready to respond on short notice to ensure that real estate and other property restored to its origins in the fastest possible way. We do a quick assessment of the damage to be able to take the right actions.

Dehumidifier Hire Selection Considerations

Drying our a flood or maintaining good conditionsVolume of the area to be treatedWater disposal method requiredHeating in conjunction with dehumidifyingSpeed of drying neededVentilation availableContents of the areaWhy not call us at Aircon hire Ltd on 0816947and we promise you will speak directly to someone who will ask the right questions,talk through your requirements and if necessary, arrange a survey.

Ratomag Trading Engineering

Ratomag Trading Engineering is a limited liability partnership that started its operation in Egypt in 19and has since executed hundreds of projects serving the various industries including hotels, hospitals, institutions and factories. Ratomag currently employs over one hundred well trained employees responsible for the design, supply, installation and after sales

Maintenance and Service

Mobil in Time makes sure your stock is ship-shape. Service for a fixed price. Mobile electric heaters in tip-top condition. Optimum maintenance for full performance.