Descaling dolce gusto coffee machine

Show your machine a bit of TLC to keep the deliciousness flowing.

All you need to do to keep those perfect coffees coming is show your machine a little love. Giving it a once over whenever you use it, as well as descaling and unblocking it every three or four months will help to make sure it’s always on tip-top form. And it couldn’t be simpler to keep the love brewing.

Twin Pack Coffee Maker Descaler

Manufactured in Cheshire by a family-run business, this double-shot descaler pack will safely remove limescale deposits from your coffee maker to not only improve the taste of your coffee but also help increase the life of your machine. Each bottle contains sufficient to perform descales depending on tank size.

False belief of descaling coffee machine with vinegar

Household appliances with water heating element (such as kettle, coffee maker and tea maker) should be descaled regularly in order to remove hard water deposits (limescale).

Nescafé Dulce Gusto Drop – How good is the coffee?

Rich, smooth and always perfectly brewe the Dolce Gusto pod system really does make great coffee, complete with a silky crema. The espresso is full-bodie while the choice of other drinks, such as cappuccinos, cold beverages and teas turns the Drop into more than just a coffee machine. The milk pods aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they’re undeniably handy when fresh milk isn’t an option, providing the perfect finishing touch to the milky drinks.