Different types of cooker extractor fans

Will there be lots of noise from the hood?

The noise of the hood often depends on what level you have it on at the time, and this noise level is measured in decibels (db). The noise level of a cooker hood can range between approximately 40db to more than 60db. An average conversation noise level is db.

So if you want to chat whilst cooking, find a hood that has settings that go below this level.

Air extraction to outside

A Cooker Hood which extracts the air to the outside operates more efficiently than one that recirculates the air as a carbon filter (which removed the odours) is not needed with an extracting Cooker Hoo only a grease filter is necessary. However the heat in the expelled air is lost to the building and needs to be replaced by cold air drawn in in cold weather this will increase heating bills but in hot weather it can provide desired cooling.

Choosing a Cooker Hood

Cooker hoods are a great way to keep your kitchen cleaner and make your whole home a more pleasant place to be. They recycle or remove food odours, smoke and moisture, while minimising grease in the air that’s created when you’re cooking.

What are the different types of extractor hoods available?

There are many different types of hoods available to satisfy your cooking requirements. These include:

– which comprise a canopy to capture the steam and smells along with a chimney fitted fan to extract them.

Choosing a Cooker Hood

What Type of Cooker Hood Do You Need?

Depending on your culinary prowess, cooking on a hob can produce a host of tantalising (or not so tantalising) aromas. What you can smell are tiny particles of your foo made airborne by heat. The bad news is that these particles will happily spread throughout your home and condense, causing unwelcome odours to seep into cushions, and moisture to work its way into walls and porous furniture.