Digital preamp

DirectDigital Preamplifier Built for the Future.

DirectDigital amplification offers the highest level of performance. The 35-bit data path with 24-bit coefficients and 62-bit accumulation, and dithered truncation back to 35-bits after DSP functions guarantee the overall 24-bit accuracy. With this degree of resolution, all preamp functions can be accomplished with a new level of precision, and all in the digital domain.

This eliminates the noise and distortion prone to analogue circuits. Because of the super high resolution, even 24-bit files are processed without truncation or loss of information.

Do the digital preamp products also alter the volume of the digital output?

No, this is not possible. All Cambridge Audio products with a digital volume control have a fixed level digital output. The volume control is only applicable to the analogue outputs. This is because the system by which we alter the volume without degrading the audio quality can only be done via the functionality of the upsampling circuit. Directly adjusting the level of the digital output can only be done by reducing the signal and hence quality.

This also makes maintaining a signal lock with the connected digital source difficult. 

Transformers and Their Effect on Preamp Sound

One of the main factors that determines color versus transparency in preamps lies in the use of transformers. Much like the PC/Mac, automatic/manual transmission, or dog/cat debates, audiophiles are split between the use of transformer-based circuitry to provide color and transformerless circuitry that delivers the purest, most transparent signal.

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Womanizer tube distortion pedal, Demonizer tube distortion pedal

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Damage Control, a relatively new company started by a few Line alumni, has made a splash with a pair of impressive high-end guitar pedals going by the very rock- and-roll names of Womanizer and