Dishwasher proof labels

Dishwashable/Microwaveable Name Labels

We have developed a special self-stick name label that really stays on – even in the dishwasher, microwave or steriliser. The label size is 31x10mm (x) and can be printed with up to lines of any text.

Sticky name labels are fab and really are super sticky.

These sticky name labels are fab, you get labels in different designs. And they really are super sticky, have used them on drinks bottle (still stuck on after many washes) and in school shoes.

Kids Labels and Baby Labels

Personalized Labels and Name Labels

Our personalized name labels are simply, in our opinion, the best for your baby or kids. The name labels are personalized for you and offer extraordinary performance.Our labels have two to three times the adhesive strength of most labels and the personalized ink on the labels is classified as permanent.The labels are not only waterproofbut also dishwasher-safe.Since our labels are ultra-tough, they are perfect for all the adventures of kids.Whether kids are off school, camp or daycare, they are going toneed super durable labels that can keep up.Plus, kids love seeing their name personalized on the labels.

KiD Labels


Better, Safer, Greener Labels

Dec11by KiD LabelsAn ever increasing number of companies are selling a range of school labels, via the internet. Among these, the most popular would be the Sticker Labels. Their main feature being, that they can be stuck to items that are washed in dishwashers.

Some can even with stand the high temperatures of Baby Bottle Sterilizers. These labels come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours, and can come with several different adhesives.

School Kids Products

A selection of colourful and versatile Kid-friendly school labels to identify clothes, books, water bottles, lunch box items, and more. A variety of water-resistant, dishwasher-safe, microwave- and washing machine – safe labels.