Disposable cup holder

Looking for Disposable Cup Holders?

Do you need to buy cup holders for your disposable takeaway cups?Corrugated cardboard cup clutches are simple but effective, and not only keep your drink warm but keep your hands free from being scolded by the hot drink inside.

Wholesale Cup Holders and Cup Dispensers for Business

These handy little holders make handling plastic cups much easier to hold and are designed to be used time and again. Whilst our specially designed trays help you transport up to six cups of beverages safely without spilling onto the floor.

Disposable Cup Holder Trays

Disposable Cup Holder Trays Are Made Of 1 Recycled Fiber And Are Perfect For All Food Service Applications.

Economical cup holder trays feature four cup wells for holding multiple drinks at once. These extra-strong grease absorbing trays are designed to absorb liquids. 1 recycled fiber construction makes them both sturdy and environmentally safe.

Sold 3per case.

MicroFunnel Plus Filter Funnels

Pall Life SciencesCombined Filter Funnel and Sample Cup Revolutionizes Water System Monitoring to Eliminate the Risk of ContaminationProduct performs as sample container and filter funnel all in one. No need to transfer sample from cup to disposable funnel and risk introducing contaminationMicroFunnel

Glasses, cups and mugs

There’s an art to presenting food and drink. Done right, it creates anticipation and makes mouths water. Mindful of this, our design team offers a suite of crystal-clear glass/lid solutions, which accentuate the beauty of food and drinks – and work beautifully.