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Defrosting has become obsolete: noFrost Technology.

The sensors inside Siemens noFrost fridges deliver all the information needed to define the precise defrosting cycles for the appliance for instance about the surrounding temperature and the number of times the door has been opened. These controlled defrosting cycles prevent the build-up of frost on the inside of the fridge freezer, which also keeps energy consumption consistently low. So you never have to defrost the freezer again saving you time and effort.

Drawer sets now also for freezers counters

Continuing to optimize its units for the professional kitchen, Gram has developed its Gastro Counter freezers with optional drawer sets, available in two and three drawer configurations.

Which is the best type of fridge or fridge freezer to buy

Whether you prefer a combined fridge freezer, or two separate large appliances, make sure you know exactly what to look for with our fridge and freezer buying guide.

Free New Proline Fridge Freezer Door Shelf Bottle Tray

Hackney, London Brand new replacement plastic bottle shelf for Proline refrigerator. Still in packaging.Fits Models: PL311A, PLC310W, PLF28 PLF284AGenuine Proline replacement spare part.Dimensions: Length: 474mm, Height: 40mm, Depth: 100mmPick up fro

NEFF Fridge Freezer Bottom Drawer K9724X7GB/- S

AddlestoneNEFF bottom Freezer Draw. fairly used drawer fridge from ikea, in very good working condition. Details:bottom, neff, freezer, chips, draw, fridge, drawer, kxgb/, small, frontSee also: