Drip filter coffee

Caffeine Myths: Espresso vs. Drip

We compare the amount of caffeine in espresso to drip coffee.

Posted on December 10th 20by Maddie

We’re challenging caffeine myths once again; another juicy exposé to share with friends and family this holiday season.

OXO Good Grips Pour Over Drip Filter Coffee Maker 11180100UK

At first glance, the OXO Good Grips pour-over coffee maker might seem too simple to make a premium brew, but it delivers excellent, consistent for cup after cup of full-flavoured coffee that even the most avid java purist will enjoy.

Paper filter vs. metal filter: Which makes the best cup of coffee?

The type of filter you use when brewing coffee does matter. Learn whether you should be using reusable or disposable filters to make your daily cup of coffee.

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Need Help Choosing a Coffee Machine?

Whether you prefer a latte, espresso or anything in between, finding the perfect coffee machine to suit your taste can be quite daunting but Harvey Norman can help you make sense of it all.