Ductless cooker hood

Our canopy cooker hoods: Plenty of installation options, unique performance.

Canopy cooker hoods are integrated completely into a kitchen unit or chimney made of wood or metal. They thus offer maximum design freedom in the kitchen.

Lincat introduce innovative range of ductless air recirculation units

They work by extracting the cooking fumes from directly above the equipment, filtering that contaminated air through an advanced four-stage filtration process before recirculating clean air back into the kitchen. They are ideal therefore where venting to the atmosphere is impossible, difficult or costly. Refresh units are designed to be used with electric rather than gas equipment since these must, on every occasion, be vented to the outside with safety interlocks.

Air extraction to outside

A Cooker Hood which extracts the air to the outside operates more efficiently than one that recirculates the air as a carbon filter (which removed the odours) is not needed with an extracting Cooker Hoo only a grease filter is necessary. However the heat in the expelled air is lost to the building and needs to be replaced by cold air drawn in in cold weather this will increase heating bills but in hot weather it can provide desired cooling.

Recirculating Cooker Hoods

Commercial Recirculating Cooker Hoods, an easy and convenient alternative to traditional commercial kitchen extraction. No ducting, no planning, no more problems!

Range Hood Buying Guide

Most important Consideration when Buying Kitchen Cooker hoods

Sometimes you have no idea which the best one you need. Here are several things to consider before buying rangehoods: