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Passion For Porcelain

Produced in China for more than a thousand years, fine white porcelain became highly sought after by the Western world from the sixteenth century onwards. English manufacturers struggled to discover the secrets of making porcelain – from the late 1740s to the 1760s, without access to the primary ingredients, china clay and china stone, English factories were only able to develop formulae that created a range of soft paste porcelains.

Specialist tile manufacturers and distributors since 1926

Porcelain tilesCeramic tilesBespoke tilesMosaic tilesBrickslipsH E Smith has been a specialist Tile Manufacturer and Distributor since 1926.

Manufacturers and recommended Reference Books

Reference books English Pottery

People, Passions, Pastimes and Pleasures Staffordshire Figures 1810-35

Author Myrna Schkolne there is also a highly informative and active website which compliments the information in her book. The site is dedicated to Staffordshire figures from the 1810-period and is full of information with makers marks and attributions.

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Welcome to Grayshott Pottery

One of southern England’s few remaining working potteries, Grayshott Pottery is a truly unique day to spend in the countryside where Hampshire borders Surrey, in the company of people for whom traditional craft remains a living passion.