Espresso martin

How to make the perfect espresso martini

Whether it’s sipped after dinner or before the New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s just the thing – but what are the little secrets to creating perfection in a glass?

Fredagsdrinken – så blandar du en Espresso Martini

Recept på den uppiggande drinken Espressotini, eller Espresso Martini som den också kallas. Den får en fin crema av espresson, sötma av Kahlúa och styrka av vodka. En perfekt drink efter middagen.

Tips på hur du gör den alkoholfri längst ner på sidan.

Cocktail of the Week: Belvedere Cupid’s Bow

For some, Valentine’s Day is a moment to treasure, for others it’s simply an annoyance or an inconvenience to negotiate. Either way, it seems as fitting a day as any to share a cocktail with a loved one or simply wallow in self-pity and read more

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Birth of an urban myth

When it comes to the origin of the five-second rule, stories abound. Genghis Khan often stars in these accounts, with claims it was originally known as the Khan rule. This rule apparently came into play at 13th-century victory banquets when Khan declared that as long as food had been on the ground for less than twelve hours, it was safe to eat. Another story centres on celebrity chef Julia Child famously advising on her TV show The French Chef what to do if you drop food while cooking. ‘You can always pick it up, and if you’re alone in the kitchen, who is going to see?’