Expensive fridge freezer

The best for limited space

Why should you buy this? This unit is exceptionally affordable for anyone looking for a modest upgrade from their current refrigerator.

Which is the best type of fridge or fridge freezer to buy

Whether you prefer a combined fridge freezer, or two separate large appliances, make sure you know exactly what to look for with our fridge and freezer buying guide.

What is a kWh, What is a TWh?

First What is a Watt?

A Watt (W) is joule per second (j/s), it is a unit of power and a joule is a unit of energy, so if you have a 1W device running for hour, then it consumes Wh of energy .Read More

Undercounter fridge freezer 1 working with Warranty

Romfor London Undercounter Fridge freezers starts from £49 Different varieties are available which is fridge only Freezer only or fridge freezer with small icebox on top Fridge only or freezer only are the same prices but ice boxes are slightly higher in price

The highest priced smart thing in 2016: a fridge

Nothing beats a refrigerator when it comes to keeping things fresh, right? An as not all fridges were made equal, some people are prepared to pay top dollar for some high tech chill.