Expensive fridge

Liebherr ECBN6256 – AU $1000

Kicking-off our list is this sleek-looking Swiss model which comes with a whopping 5litre capacity but, strangely enough, doesn’t come with any doors. Seems like Liebherr might have its priorities the wrong way round?

The best for limited space

Why should you buy this? This unit is exceptionally affordable for anyone looking for a modest upgrade from their current refrigerator.

The highest priced smart thing in 2016: a fridge

Nothing beats a refrigerator when it comes to keeping things fresh, right? An as not all fridges were made equal, some people are prepared to pay top dollar for some high tech chill.

Choosing the Best Home Fridge Freezer

The latest fridge freezers offer a perfect blend of form and function – they are designed to look sleek and create perfect conditions to keep your food fresher for longer. With the vast array of dimensions and combinations that they come in, there is sure to be at least one model that looks great in your kitchen and is also the perfect fit for your budget and your requirements.

What is a kWh, What is a TWh?

First What is a Watt?

A Watt (W) is joule per second (j/s), it is a unit of power and a joule is a unit of energy, so if you have a 1W device running for hour, then it consumes Wh of energy .Read More