External extractor fan

Ceiling Extractors With External Motors

Ceiling Extractors With External Motors For Outside Use

Cooker hoods with external motors for use outside are now very popular, Luxair now offer these outside kitchen extractor motors in three variations, all extracting 1200m³/hr:

Max-Fan Pro Series – Speeds Easy External Switch – Efficient and capable Grow Room Extractor Fans

Designed to be the new standard in indoor extractor fans, the pro series Max-Fan, from Can, is powerful, electrically efficient, smaller and quieter than previous models.

Honda EM22generator, 240v 110v

Sauchie, Clackmannanshire Here we have this great Honda generator.Starts easily with advantage of producing 240v or 110v.No longer needed.Grab a bargain

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A Guide to Fans and Ventilation

Why do we need fans at home?

Poor ventilation affects over million British homes and is estimated to cost over £5million per annum. Without adequate ventilation, the air can become stale and condensation can occur, resulting in a risk of respiratory illness and general poor health.