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Woodstove Ecofan Spares

Spare Parts for Ecofans

After much usage, an Ecofan motor can wear out. Motor Replacement Kits are available for consumers who wish to install a new motor rather than sending the old unit back to Calfire for repair or purchasing a new Ecofan. The replacement task is straight forward; however on some older models the consumer must have the capability to solder the new motor to the existing wires.

The replacement kit comprises a new motor; an allen/hex key to remove the blade and full instructions.

Oval Funnel with Blue Handle 100mm. Ne

*Oval Funnel with Blue Handle 100mm. Nederman Part No. 802561.Straightset Part No. EXH000040/1These items have been pre use only 3no. left in stock.

Consumables and Spares

No matter what your chosen power solution, it will contain consumable parts. The most common consumable is a sealed lead acid maintenance free battery set. Most battery sets have a five year design life and this generally means replacement will be required within three to four years of purchase to ensure the battery set can deliver its full runtime. Longer design life batteries include year with a seven to eight year replacement window.

Other consumables can include fans and DC capacitors, dependent upon the size and design of the UPS system.

UK HVAC OEM spares suppliers

Until 20Pole Star Products was a shareholder in Elco UK, Elco UK operated out of the same premises and many of the staff shared roles in the two firms. As our staff worked in some circumstances simultaneously for both firms we have a knowledge base that is unparalleled in the UK HVAC market for both OEM and spares supply.