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Where Can You Buy Filter Papers for Coffee, Drink Stirrers and Paper Napkins?

You will benefit from the fact that we are a wholesale supplier to the catering trade we stock a great range of coffee filter papers, our unbleached filter papersare sold in packsof and are 1 bioderadeable and made from dioxin free paper.

Coffee Filter Papers Size No. 4

Accessories Premium quality, oxygen processed filter papers.Rombouts premium quality, white filter papers are oxygen processed. This ensures there is no paper taste to taint the brewed coffee that you often get with brown filter papers.


The Chemex filter itself was the cleanest and the most neutral. The Chemex cup of coffee had a thinner texture, brought out the floral notes, and a bit of dryness in mouthfeel.

Coffee Filter Paper Pints White

Viking Number Q28-5136508

Great value coffee filter paper

Universal size fits all coffee machines. Used for filtering ground coffee through a filter coffee machine.

Decaffeinated Coffee

All our single estate roasted coffee beans are delivered within hours of roasting so that the flavour profiles experienced in a cup are as fresh and flavoursome as possible.