Fire plate

Enjoy your garden all year round

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space in all seasons? Bring warmth and ambience to the night? Cook meat, roast marshmallows and chestnuts while enjoying the atmosphere of a summer campfire?

WALFiLii fire plates are must-have ‘hot’ items! These dramatic centrepieces with an earthy patina finish spark instant backyard ambience.

Qualifications – Professional Firefighter Top ↑

You must show reasonable proof of identity and documentation as aprofessional full-time salaried fire fighter, or status as a former professional full-time salaried fire fighter withten years ofservice. Applicants for new plates must also complete an SP Application. You must show the documentation at each renewal.

Accessories Add-Ons The Fire Beam

Fire Beam Unistrut Adaptor Plate

The Unistrut Adaptor Plate is a clear acrylic plate that allows easy mounting of the Fire Beam Head Unit to Unistrut fabrication. The holes are pre-drilled to the correct pitch of the Head Unit and are conveniently positioned for use with the popular Unistrut system using the screws provided.

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Fire from Sparking Hot Plate


Fire from Sparking Hot Plate One researcher from a lab was attempting to gently heat a flask containing ≈ 1mL of diethyl ether in our lab for recrystallization. The hot plate was set to a relatively low heating setting for this hot plate as determined by the researcher from using it before. The hot plate had just been started.

This hot plate was more than years ol and had been recently repaired.