Fitting kitchen extractor fan

Skills Required to Fit Your Own Kitchen

Fitting a kitchen yourself does require a great deal of skill, to get it looking right and to make sure it lasts for years. This is because kitchens have to deal with heat as well as damp and humid conditions, and kitchens are the rooms that are often getting the heaviest wear in the house.

Extractor Fans Ventilation

Kitchen Extractors, Bathroom Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems

Electrical ventilation and extraction systems installed to the latest building regulations. Many kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters are not aware of their requirement to comply with parts P, C, F especially part L of the regs. For example while a bathroom fan may comply with part F (Ventilation)they often do not comply with Part L (conservation of fuel) which leaves the customer with a cold draughty bathroom.

Due to fitting these extractor fans with no shuttering to stop backdraught, this increases requirements for heating thus increasing costs and vastly reduces the efficiency of your home.

Dealing with Cooker Hood Smoke Smells

Large Range of Cooker Hood Spares

With 000+ cooker hood spares that include filters, cooker hood bulbs, switches and motors you will find the part to fix your appliance. eSpares supplies all the main brands from Belling to Zanussi, Neff, Bosch and more.

A Guide to Fans and Ventilation

Why do we need fans at home?

Poor ventilation affects over million British homes and is estimated to cost over £5million per annum. Without adequate ventilation, the air can become stale and condensation can occur, resulting in a risk of respiratory illness and general poor health.

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