Food plastic containers

Disposable Foil Containers 15cm Flan Quiche

deep foil dishes. For baking and batch-freezing flans. Can go straight from freezer to oven. Perfect for bake sales and gifting

Food-grade injection moulded plastic

 We only ever use high quality Polypropylene. Extra strength and durability mean more protection for your products. The plastic is also safe for storing foo they are already supplied to a large number of caterers and catering suppliers.


EPA considers composting a form of recycling. Composting is the controlled aerobic or biological degradation of organic materials such as food and yard wastes. Accordingly, it involves arranging organic materials into piles and providing sufficient moisture for aerobic decomposition by microorganisms.

Periodic turning of the piles promotes aeration to prevent anaerobic conditions. The resulting humus, a soil-like material, is used as a natural fertilizer, thereby reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. Organic materials continue to be a large component of total MSW (about for food scraps and yard trimmings ), which makes composting a valuable alternative to waste disposal.

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Tea Coffee Sugar Jar Utensil Canister piece set

Willesden, London piece tea coffee sugar set, made from fine stonewareAir tight seal to help to keep contents freshPart of the Price Kensington Script rangeMix and match for a stunning kitchenAs shown in the picture one lid is missing from one otherwise