French bowl

Choosing the perfect china

All our china is made from clay and kiln-fired for durability. Except for pieces with special trims, everything is dishwasher safe. Below are a few options to consider when choosing your perfect china.

Emma Bridgewater Summer Cherries French Bowl

£1Share: We have run out of stock for this item. A vibrant design bursting with sunny fruit, this Cherries French Bowl is just waiting to be filled with a tasty summertime treat.

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Warm Up with a Delicious Bowl of French Onion Soup!

Today we are serving the always popular French Onion Soup, along with Scalloped Potatoes with Sausage and Beef Chili too. Our sandwich special is the delicious Chef Wrap, filled with ham, hard-boiled eggs, fresh greens, tomatoes, cukes and Cabot cheddar and topped with your choice of dressing.Yum!

Modello Rectangular Platter

$ 10

Modello Large Rectangular Baker

$ 9

Modello Small Rectangular Baker

$ 7

Modello Oval Platter

$ 9 Banner is in column

Modello Large Serving Bowl

$ 10

Modello Service Plate/Charger

$ 5

Modello Mug

$ 4

Modello Salad Plate

$ 3

Rufolo Glass Gold Organic Salad Plate

$ 3

Lastra Cappuccino Olive Oil Can

$ 5

Lastra Cappuccino Canape Plate

$ 2

Old St. Nick 20Limited Edition Rectangular Plate

Regular Price: $ 5