Fridge food

Nut flours and whole wheat flours

Whole wheat flour should be stored in the refrigerator after opening, as the wheat germ will spoil and go rancid far faster than other types of flour. Same goes for ground nuts, like almond or cashew flour.

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Love your fridge and waste less

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Watch our short video with Sallie from the Love Food Hate Waste team showing you how to organise your fridge to get the most out of your food

Foodsaver Fresh Food Container Jars

Keep food fresh for longer with Foodsaver containers. Airtight, leakproof, durable and stackable, they nest for storage. 700ml and litre. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Compatible with all Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing Systems

Low-Fat or Fat-Free Milk ( or Skim)

Low-fat or fat-free milk (percent or skim) is a top source of protein and calcium, and a vitamin D-rich addition to any meal or snack. You can substitute lactose-reduced milk or soymilk, but check labels for nutrition content.