Fryer oil filter

Keep Your Fryers Running Smoothly with a Cooking Oil Filtration System

Filtering and changing the oil in your kitchen’s fryer is an important part of maintaining an efficient restaurant. When you’re frying your delicious foods, pieces of food and breading can be left in the oil, and these particles need to be removed so your machine doesn’t get clogged. Manual and electric cooking oil filtration systems remove the oil, clean out the leftover particles, and replace the oil that can be reused.

Polished stainless steel finish

The Frucosol SF-50is very robust and is made to the highest standards. To make life even easier the SF-50body is made from top quality polished stainless steel which is very hygienic and easy to clean.

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Why You Need to Use a Deep Fryer Filter for Your Commercial Fryer

Why should you filter the oil that you use in your commercial fryer? Filtering cooking oil in your fryer helps reduce the debris in the oil, which in turn, gives you better-quality food items and allows the cooking oil to last longer. Debris or food sediment that is collected in the oil after several fryings can cause the build-up of unhealthy substances such as carbon and gum deposits, which can result in health issues.

These substances can also affect the taste and quality of the fried foods.

Electric-Powered Fryer Oil Filtration Machines

Electric-powered fryer oil filtration machines ensure your fryers remain in optimal working order. Keeping your machines clean by filtering and replacing oil, these filtration machines remove unwanted sediments and debris.