Full length fridge

Freezer Hoover Brand New Looking

Luton, Bedfordshire Nice looking Hoover freezer. Fully working plus months guarantee. Delivery until Bedfordshire, Cambridshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire. You can also come on and collect the item.

Text me via Gumtree chat. Height m Width cm

Commercial Fridges Stainless Steel

Commercial stainless steel fridges from all stainless, heavy duty gastronorm chillers to stainless exterior budget chillers with easy-clean ABS interiors, we stock the full range from major manufacturers including Foster, True, Blizzard and Polar.

Display Chillers

Display chillers provide an efficient way of showcasing large quantities of chilled produce in an attractive and shopper friendly way. Coming in many different shapes and sizes to suit each and every need display chillers are designed to increase impulse purchases within the store.

Game of Thrones viewers spot baffling plot hole in latest episodeĀ 

2d You could easily be forgiven for getting so swept up in the pulse-pounding drama of the latest Game of Thrones episode that this small, yet vexing, detail passed you by.

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