Full size double oven

DK1151SS Built-in electric double tower oven

The CDA DK1151SS built-in electric double tower oven has a contemporary design and provides functional and efficient cooking for the user. The DK1151SS has the capacity of two full size ovens providing plenty of cooking space as well as lateral halogen lights and a touch control programmable electronic clock/timer.

Built-in Electric Double Ovens

Built in double ovens are designed to live in a tall kitchen unit at any height your kitchen will allow.Built in double ovens are perfect for open style kitchens and can be fitted at eye level; ideal for keeping an eye on your meal.

Choose the best oven for your needs and tastes

When considering a new oven, your personal circumstances should prove your starting point and largely influence your decision-making. Firstly, the size of your family/household is really important.

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Moffat E27M3-2C Double Manual Electric Full-Size Tray Turbofan Convection Oven with Casters

The Moffat (E27M3-2C) Double Manual Electric Full-Size Tray Turbofan Convection Oven with Casters makes multitasking much easier with this double oven unit. The model features effective convection style cooking, with an operating temperature range of to 2degrees centigrade. Two units, with a large choice of temperature options, means that this product gives you a wide assortment of cooking options.