Garden shelving

Brighten Garden Shed Pink Half Shelves Wooden Brundle Waterproof Paint Storage Balcony Court Yard

Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire The Brighton Garden She in Pastel Pink, is a must for any garden enthusiast who wants to bring the essence of the seaside to their outside space. Modeled on the iconic Beach Hut, these colourful sheds not only look gorgeous, they are also a very pr

Shelving Wall Storage

Shelving Wall Storage

When purchasing shelving you need to ensure that the product you purchase is sturdy, looks great, and versatile. We provide rustic shelving, industrial wire shelves, wooden wall shelving and more manufactured from quality materials, helping ensure durability and an authentic, vintage and rustic look.

Shelving Units Storage-Cabinets and units make great displays

Beautiful beech, oak and dark wood display units are great for storage and putting pretty decorative pieces on show, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all homes.

Tools required when putting up a shelf

Pencil Spirit level Drill Masonry or wood bit to fit wall plugs Screwdriver Possibly a straight wooden batten


Brackets Screws for fixing brackets to wall Wall plugs to fit screws Shelf Small screws for fixing shelf to brackets

Before you start

Check the walls with a battery-powered pipe and wire detector so as not to drill through any hidden pipes or cables. Use it to detect the positions of the studs on a timber-framed wall.