Gas cook top

19K BTU Power Burner

A 19K Dual Burner provides powerful heat and precise control – quickly going from a high heat to a true simmer for intense and even cooking. Or turn it right up to boil water in a flash and cook food faster.

Gas Cooktop – Stainless Steel

Gas Cooktop – Stainless Steel

FGH4ZSA-SS Gas cooking on the goWhether your RV is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, this contemporary and minimalist stainless-steel cooktop will work beautifully:

Gas Cooktops Stove Tops

A gas cooktop is generally preferred by professional and aspiring chefs. Most gas burners have an electronic ignition for quick and easy starting. The majority of ranges feature a power burner that can output high temperatures needed for rapid boiling, and a simmer burner for more delicate cooking needs, such as sauce preparation.

Most importantly, heat inertia is instantaneous on all gas burners which quickly provides a full range of temperature settings with just the turn of a knob.

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