Gastro tray

Stainless Steel Gastronorms

Gastronorm pans are the perfect, versatile food storage system for any commercial kitchen. The fractional sizing system used for gastronorm containers makes them highly interchangeable and means you can always have the perfect size of pan. Whilstpolycarbonate gastronormsare sturdy, lightweight storage solutions, stainless steel gastronorms are also perfect for use in the oven.

Metal gastronorms therefore give you a versatile cooking container for preparing multiple portions and are also perfect as a baking tray, bain-marie pan or for serving food in a cafeteria.

Polycarbonate Gastronorms

Polycarbonate gastronorm containers are ideal for any kitchen looking to store cold food items efficiently, securely and hygienically. Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these trays are hardwearing and robust enough to withstand even the busiest kitchens. Both the lids and containers are lightweight and stackable, making them the perfect for refrigerating or use with refrigerated serveries.

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A Guide to Gastro-Norm Pan Sizes

Back in the 1960s, research representatives from various Swiss hospitality associations gathered to sign a document declaring dimensional standardization for all movable inserts such as pans, trays, wire racks, and other kitchen utensils and equipment. At this meeting the basic size of 5x 3mm, already in use with American standard steamable pans, was accepted.