German white beer

Tasting notes and ingredients

This Hefeweizen uses wheat beer yeast, wheat, Pilsner malt, Munich and Cara malts along with Hallaterau hops to give an opaque golden beer with aromas of cloves and bananas. Dry and crisp and spicy on the palate.

The original wheat beer manual

The ideal temperature, pouring hints and why lemon slices are strictly taboo – all you need to know about cultivated wheat beer enjoyment is in our Wheat Beer Manual.

44th Cambridge Beer Festival

The Foreign Beer list is now online. Belgium and Germany remain well represente but we continue to look further afield to bring new beer experiences to our festival. Look out for plenty from the Netherlands, as well as contributions from Sweden, France, USA and even Bulgaria!

1) Pick the Right Yeast for the Job

Select your yeast strain carefully to develop the flavor profile you desire. Different stains produce varying amounts of the esters and flavor compounds associated with German-style wheat beers. Choose a strain that emphasizes the characteristics you desire.

Frühschoppen: German Beer for Breakfast

Beer.Pretzels.Sausages dipped in sweet mustard and horseradish.Sound like fun?Probably.Sound like breakfast?Probably not.But in Bavaria weissbier or weizenbier (both names for wheat beer), weisswurst (white sausages), and bretzeln (pretzels) are a long-standing brunch tradition.And the name of the game is Frühschoppen.