Global knife offers

Global GKS-2Serrated Kitchen Shears


Global G-31cm Ham Knife


Global G-18cm Chopper Knife


Global Michel Roux Jr 13cm GR-Usuba Knife

Now: £5

Damascus Japanese Filleting Boning Kitchen Knife 15cm

Full tang 15cm Japanese filleting knife. Stainless steel blade with hard carbon steel core. Narrow, flexible blade. Strong, riveted wooden handle

8/Joseph Joseph Lockblock Knife Set

Always looking for solutions to common kitchen problems, Joseph Joseph have come up with another innovative design. This block features a lock system- perfect if you have children who like to help out in the kitchen. Just make sure they don’t see you using the easy release button on the side.

Each blade is colour coded and made from Japanese stainless steel.

Laox Duty Free Akihabara

Laox offers a variety of products including an extensive collection of overseas model electronics and appliances, video games, Japanese souvenirs, cosmetics and more. The store is widely known for providing multilingual customer services, and accepts payments made not only with major credit cards but also foreign currencies and traveler’s checks.

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