Global knife review

Choosing the Best Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives come in a wide range of quality. At the very low end you can find cheap kitchen knives bulk-made in factories, with plastic handles and low grade material. On the other hand there are carefully crafted beauties that gleam with premium material and workmanship such as these Japanese knives and German knives.

8/Joseph Joseph Lockblock Knife Set

Always looking for solutions to common kitchen problems, Joseph Joseph have come up with another innovative design. This block features a lock system- perfect if you have children who like to help out in the kitchen. Just make sure they don’t see you using the easy release button on the side.

Each blade is colour coded and made from Japanese stainless steel.

Magimix Le Patissier Multifunction Food Processor Satin 186

Versatile and quiet Magimix Food Processor. With dedicated Patissier mixing bowl. Knea whisk, whip, chop, blen slice and grate. Simple controls – Auto/Pulse/Stop. year manufacturer motor guarantee

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Manual Knife Sharpener Systems

Knife sharpening systems help the user keep a constant angle when sharpening the edge.This is a huge advantage in sharpening since the angle is enormously important.