Global knife sharpening angle

How to use a whetstone

Whetstones are used by chefs who care greatly about their kitchen knives. A whetstone takes away less of the blade’s material than other methods, and allows for greater precision and control when sharpening. Chefs who own expensive knives, especially Japanese-style knives, will tend to use a whetstone.

Understanding Euro/American and Asian Style Knives

Understanding Euro/American and Asian Style KnivesChristy2015-10-14T00:23:03+00:00

Whatever you choose, there is a Chef’sChoice Sharpener

Global – Sharpening Your Global Knife

Global knives come out of the factory in Japan with a very sharp edge and CROMOVA 1 Globals unique blade material, ensures that this sharpness will beĀ 

Global Sharpening Guide Rails

The most important thing to remember when sharpening your knives is to maintain a consistent angle between knife and stone. This is all too easy to do with the Global sharpening guide rails, just clip them the back of your knife and away you go! Comes in a set of with sizes, one for knives less than 15cm and one for knives greater than 15cm.

Preparation and packing of equipment – CEFO

When training out in the fiel there are certain items you will need to take with you. The items you need depend on the type of training you are doing and how long you will be away from camp for.