Good chef knives

Choosing the Best Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives come in a wide range of quality. At the very low end you can find cheap kitchen knives bulk-made in factories, with plastic handles and low grade material. On the other hand there are carefully crafted beauties that gleam with premium material and workmanship such as these Japanese knives and German knives.

What is the Best Pocket Knife Brand?

One commonly asked question by those looking for a great everyday carry blade is this: “What’s the best pocket knife brand?” This is a difficult question to answer to a certain degree, only because there are dozens of brands and so many factors to consider. A lot of it, too, comes down to personal preference.

Best Chef Knife Features: Weight

The weight of the knife is key to the choice of which chef’s knife is right for you. The knife needs to feel right in the cook’s han but whether that means a heavy or a light knife depends on personal preference.

S- Sharpness and Durability

The sharpness and durability of the edge of the knife is of prime importance as this is the factor that determines how well a knife will cut – this is why you need a knife right? We’ve all seen on TV and most have experienced how poorly an un-sharp knife performs on a ripe tomato. The aren’t pretty to say the least.

Japanese Chef Knives

Forged in Sanjo exclusively for Best Made, our triple-laminate Japanese Chef Knives have stainless surface layers with a high-carbon core: the perfect balance of resilience and performance.