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These are electric or gas appliances that can be used to achieve the chargrilled effect for steaks or for cooking other foods in the kitchen. There is currently a trend in many professional kitchens to cook over open coals which provide that authentic smoked taste and there will always be a market for this, though electric griddles and grills will also be a mainstay of many professional kitchens and temporary event kitchens.

Best Electric Griddle Reviews

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Best Electric Griddle UK Reviews 2017

Welcome to our detailed article on what we think are the best electric griddles, currently available on the UK marketplace. For many people, who enjoy cooking, using an electric griddle is a convenient method of cooking, and also one that is a great deal healthier than frying.

Choosing the best electric griddle

A griddle is one of the most important appliances that your kitchen should never do without. These versatile appliances have the ability to prepare everything, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Griddles are best in home kitchen, restaurant and in outside catering.

Electric Ceramic Griddle

A stainless steel, flush mounting, 2volt electric ceramic griddle with rotary control and recessed grilling area for collecting cooking fats for easy cleaning.

Lakeland Griddle and Grill

From deliciously loaded panini and toasted sandwiches through to steak and chargrilled veg or even a well-deserved fry-up for Sunday breakfast, our Griddle Grill can handle them all. Thanks to its dual-zone temperature selector, both plates can be set at different temperatures from warm to 220°C, particularly useful when opened out to use as a flat grill.