Heat resistant splashback

Very little effort to reinvent the feel of your home’s walls

All of our glass splashbacks come readily supplied as being very clean and flat, merging seamlessly with the interior of your bathroom or kitchen to offer a practical solution for homeowners worried about spills or staining that may arise due to water splashes.

Splashbacks Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Abbey Glass, our experienced team are always more than happy to share our knowledge of the industry with our customers. We frequently advise our customers when they are choosing the right glass splashbacks for their home, so in this article we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions together for your convenience.


Can be difficult to find a heat proof, fire rated version. Scratches easily. Has a cheaper ‘feel’ than glass.

Other Types of Splashback

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a splashback. Some people choose to simply leave the painted wall, although this does leave it vulnerable to damage from grease, food stains and condensation.

Heat Resistant Glass Splashbacks

One of the best places for a luxurious kitchen splashback is behind a range cooker or a set of hobs. This protects the wall from any stains or damage it might develop through cooking, and means you can keep the area around your stove clean with just a few quick wipes.

Glass Splashbacks in Kent

Skotch Glass boast Years experience in the installation of glass Splashbacks in Kent meaning your new installation will be carried out to the highest possible standard.