Heat resistant wall paint


Applies like any interior paintUse as an undercoat or finish paint Water base non-toxicCan be tinted to any light colorLow sheenWashable with a damp clothAvailable in 1-gal cans and gallons bucketsEnvironmentally friendly (VOC, grams/liter)

What is the difference between FirefreeFand Firefree22?

The differences are that Firefreeis more of a code driven (testing in accordance to ASTM E-1for time rating); Firefreeis a two roll coat application that can be used by anyone who wants to provide additional protection to their building by simply using a paint brush, roller or spray gun.

High-Heat Resistant Paint

With improved heat resistance, Blackfriar High-Heat Resistant Paint withstands temperatures of up to 600ÂșC, whilst providing an attractive matt black finish for barbecues, grates, chimineas and radiators.


A high opacity flat black acrylic. Provides a flat black finish in dark rooms. Good on beams, wrought ironwork or cement and masonry where a matt black finish is required.

NFPA 2Approved Air and Vapor Barriers

The Fire Resist line borrows technology from the aerospaceindustry to produce the only fluid- and sheet-applied air and vapor barriers that can pass the tough National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2standards.

ceramic powder paint additive–really insulating?

Mentioned in Parade Mag today, in an article in reducing energy costs: adding a non-toxic ceramic powder to interior wall paint will insulate the room permanently.