High ball glass

Highballs and Tumblers

The tumbler, also known as the Old Fashione lowball or rocks glass, is a shorter glass that is classically used to serve spirits over ice with little or no mixer. Both types of glass can be decorative and can enhance the drinking experience. They also make a great gift to give with a bottle of something special.


From books, open books for an open worldJump to:navigation,searchGlasses are used to serve drinks in. Below are outlined some of the different glass styles you may see.

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Product Overview

A lone olive brand bends delicately towards the ground in this dramatic, organic design. Our Olive cooler is diamond-wheel engraved in the USA. A long-standing symbol of peace, these handsome custom glasses are perfect for giving as gifts or celebrating amongst friends.

Simon Pearce Ascutney Highball Glass – Dartmouth Shield

The Ascutney Highball is celebrated for its classic, clean design and can transition seamlessly from entertaining to everyday use. Handmade by Simon Pearce glassblowers using centuries-old techniques. Dimensions: H x W x D. ounces. 1 Glass.

Made in USA. Hand-wash with warm water and mild detergent. Not intended for use in microwaves or ovens.

Do not expose glass to extreme heat changes, such as filling with hot liquid or placing in the freezer. A shock in temperature can cause fractures. Special order item. $freight.

Allow 3-weeks for delivery.