Hobart dough mixer

Hobart mixer attachment mincer(meat grinder).

Sheffiel South Yorkshire Hobart mincer attachment in a very good condition, fits any model Hobart mixer, you get what you see in the picture.Postage: £mainland UK or welcome to collect from s2uf.Payment: Cash on collection or bank transfer.

Refurbished Kitchen Equipment in Toronto

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Hobart comatible and adjustible bowls from quarts to 1quarts. Stainless steel and plastic bowls. Buy Online or Call 215-333-1300


Mixer switch, mixer hand whell, Brass nuts,shifter plate, thumb screw, mixing bowl clamp, mixer base for Hobart Dishwashers


About this Product Brand

Hobart is the world’s leading innovator of food equipment, systems and service and they have been for more than 1years. Because their expertise spans the entire industry, they know how a piece of equipment fits into your whole operation, not just a small part of it.

Choosing a Top Rated Stand Mixer for Your Kitchen

A stand mixer can easily be one of the most exciting purchases you ever make for your kitchen, especially if you bake a lot. Since this is such an investment piece, most people really want to make sure they have the space, money, and need for such a machine before taking the plunge.