Hot water machine

Why choose Glug Glug Glug?

National coverage with local care

Since we were established in 20thousands of businesses of all sizes from single person offices to colleges, hospitals and major corporations throughout the UK have chosen Glug Glug Glug to provide bottleless water solutions.

Pelican Rouge Coffee Tower

The Pelican Rouge Coffee Tower offers great coffee to customers and substantial profits to the operator. High quality products and services are just a part of the offer. With technology from one of the world’s most innovative coffee machine manufacturers, you are guaranteed top quality coffee.

We also offer in-depth consultation, training, marketing and technical service support.

High efficiency cleaning direct from the van

Airflex Storm is our best direct-from-the-van cleaning solution yet: Airflex Storm’s immense power copes easily with long hose runs. The auto-fee auto-empty and remote control features mean you rarely need to return to the machine. Think about it:

Heavy Duty Car Garden Pressure Washer on Wheels

Leicester, Leicestershire Works perfect can be seen working.Professional kit. meter hose with heavy duty gun and spray jet lancevery heavy and weighs kgThanks for looking.no offers

Hot water makes the difference

Efficient pressure washer cleaning. Even better with hot water. Kärcher hot water pressure washers offer impressive advantages in terms of economy, cleaning and environmental impact. HDS hot water pressure washers increase these advantages dramatically when cleaning stubborn dirt.

Kärcher HDS cleaners are most often the superior solution for oils, greases and proteins – especially when they are caked on.