How do i descale my tassimo

Tassimo Cleaning Discs

Keep your brewer in tip-top shape with the Tassimo replacement cleaning disc. This reusable plastic disc cleans your machine and is used in combination with descaling solution to descale your brewer, offering nothing but quality cups every single time.

The Magic of Vinegar

Given the current predicament that hot water and scrubbing off the inside of the machine clean aren’t viable options, human ingenuity takes over with a simple fix; vinegar. Vinegar is actually one of the earliest, and yet, the most relied upon cleaning tools out there. The acetic acidic property of vinegar, formed through the fermentation of starches and sugars, is what makes it a great cleanser.

Red Light On bosch Tassimo Machine?

The red light is constantly on on my machine we have done the cleaning proceedure at least time but the red light is constanly on. the machine work okay but the light is always on

Descaler Limescale Remover

The descaler limescale remover has been specially formulated to quickly and effectively remove Limescale, restoring performance shine leaving items as good as new. The taint free concentrated natural fruit acid formula is ideal for kettles, coffee machines, steam irons and shower heads.

Bosch Tassimo – Red Light fault

When your Bosch Tassimo machine gets the red cleaning light come on you have tried to clean it with the yellow cleaning disc but the light stays on you need