How to build a pizza oven uk

Gather the Necessary Materials

First, purchase an oven kit. Next, determine the dimensions of the base. The base is generally about feet high, but the dimensions depend on the kit you purchased and your preferences.

Keep in mind that your oven should be located away from any low-hanging trees or other flammable materials in the yard. At minimum, you need a cement mixer or large tubs, a tape measure, cement, a grout bag, grout, a circular saw, 8-inch cinder blocks, flat brick tiles, exterior-grade woo your oven kit, and .

Common Pitfalls of the Pizza Oven

Hotel BusinessNovember 20Pizza ovens have soared in popularity over the last years. However, when it comes to the commercial market, this surge in popularity is accompanied by major pitfalls.Since Orchard Ovens championed pizza ovens back in 200 many new entrants to the pizza oven market have jumped on the bandwagon and started supplying the commercial market with some extremely poor products.

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