How to dispose of microwave

Finding the right recycler

Before you decide to take your old television and microwave oven to a household appliance collection site or recycler, it may be wise to find out first about a few other things: the stuff that they recycle, the source of their electronics, the recycling charges on various items, availability of a pick-up and collection service and availability of a data destroying service.

Manufacturers and retailers

When buying a replacement appliance, check to see whether the retailer will remove the old one. This service is sometimes included in the delivery charge, or may be an optional extra. The retailer will usually receive the scrap value for collected items they sell on to a metal recycler or resource recovery centre.

Electronic waste disposal: good for the country and the planet

With Australians being among the most prolific users of new technology, it is vital that electronic recycling is easy, common and efficient. Our goal is an Australia where we recycle as much as possible, and any disposal is handled correctly.

Electronic e-waste disposal

To make it more convenient for residents and businesses to dispose oftheir working/non-working electronics, the Agency ispartnering with Conservation Corp North Bayto conduct free electronics collectionevents. For more details, view the event fliers below.

Electronics and Small Appliances

Electronic waste has been banned from the trash. Electronic waste includes devices that contain concentrations of metals (lead and copper) high enough to make them hazardous when they are discarded.